The visitor guidance system of the Buda Castle Quarter

General design
PARAGRAM Balázs Csapó, Tibor Germán, Viktor Polonyi, Balázs Gurdon, Anikó Kármán, Annamária Bretz, Péter Geréb
Wayfinding system
Graphic design
Zoltán Bukovics
3D visualisation
Building contractor
General planning
Year of planning
Year of construction

The fundamental principle of contemporary urban planning is that the quality improvement of pedestrian traffic and of spatial infrastructures enhances the livability of cities, revitalizes commercial and service sectors. In line with this trend the development of the Buda Castle Quarter is pedestrian-centric, puts great emphasis on facilitating pedestrian orientation.


Similar to successfully implemented pedestrian information systems all around the world, laying the foundations of a unified information system has been initiated in public transport stops and pedestrian underpasses. In relation to this the first comprehensive and user friendly information system supporting pedestrian navigation, consisting of various informational elements such as totems, bollards and wall boards can be implemented in the Buda Castle Quarter one of the most frequented tourist area in the capital. Based on the spatial analysisof the Castle and its surroundings, the plan indicates the main intersections and reference points along the identified primary pedestrian routes. The plan proposes the design of physical carriers and objects for visitor guidance, the content to be displayed on each informational element as well as the application of a unified graphic identity.

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