M4 Bikás park

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The facilities of the Bikás Park and the technology used in this place made it possible to open the station space on a large scale: the platform level is also illuminated by sunlight, fundamentally reinterpreting the well-being of the metro stations. The state-of-the-art design of the dome's supporting structure and building structures allowed for a filigree design.

The composition of the space is determined by the light spot of the escalators from the gallery level to the platform level and the elliptical opening above them. The force play of the supporting structures becomes plastic with the appearance of the large beams of the under-ribbed slab. A striking element of the space composition is the glass structure of the smoke aprons above the tracks, but the range of light sources also plays a role indetermining the internal proportions of the hall. The light composition of the end wall and the graphics of the concrete elements make the sound-absorbing surface an architectural element with very simple tools. The graphic elements of the station were determined by the atmosphere of the park: the surface andthe fiber cement cladding elements of the station are decorated with plantornaments, the motif of green rattlesnake (Crepis virens), the glass surfaces of the smoke apron are painted with flying fruits. A montage made of children's drawings was made on the glass insert of the bench supports of the type furniture.

During the design and construction process, the station played the role of a prototype: the solutions developed here, the steps of construction technology, surface treatments, coverings and detailed training served as a model for the other stations.

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