M3 underpasses

General design
Bernadett Babits
Wayfinding system
Graphic design
3D visualisation
Building contractor
General planning
Year of planning
Year of construction

As part of the reconstruction of the M3 metro line, it was also necessary to prepare the development of pedestrian underpasses. The objectives of the program included the comprehensive barrier-free accessibility of junctions, within the existing physical constraints. Clear and transparent spaces were created through the replacement of the architectural cladding, development and accessibility improvements of certain exits. Applied art is often used to serve as reference for orientation. The intervention covered thirteen sites: including the renovation of eleven underpasses, three major landscape reconstructions and numerous traffic management measures.


The Budapest Transport Center has begun the modernization of the pedestrian underpass connected to M3 Határ út metro station. An agreement was also reached in December 2021 on the renovation of the underpass connected to M3 Göncz Árpád városközpont metro station, but the necessary funds for the construction are not yet available.

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